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Differences between Ethical, Sustainable and Slow Fashion 

These days we hear a lot of fashion companies calling themselves “Ethical” or “Sustainable” and the different ways of producing is one of the most talked about topics in the fashion business, so in case you find this confusing let´s clear the differences. 

Ethical Fashion: Refers to how the clothing was made including everything, from how the fabrics have been made to the working process and how the people who made the clothes are paid and treated, or in case of animal fibers (wood, silk etc..) to ensure they have been treated with respect. 

Sustainable Fashion: Refers to the way fashion is manufactured and the effects of its production on the environment. Sustainable fabrics, the use of pesticides, the use of dyes, water waste treatment, energy reduction, recycling materials, sustainable packaging, and shipping awareness are factors to consider fashion production “sustainable”. 

Slow fashion: This is related to the creation process, the design, and the quality of the products where the intention behind the production involves durable materials and timeless design. 

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